1. Rapport Builder

  • Magic is a highly engaging activity that can get the attention of children quickly.
  • Magic can help counselors appear more playful and approachable.
  • Magic is a very effective distraction from tension/anxiety.

2. Teaching Tool

  • Magic can be used metaphorically to teach life skills. For example, magic tricks that "break out" or "escape" can represent overcoming obstacles and achieving goals.

3. Therapeutic Alliance

  • When used properly in long term individual counseling, magic can provide a shared activity, common ground, and something for the child to look forward to.

4. Connecting with Resistant Teens

  • Magic can be irresistible for even the most resistant teens by challenging their intellect and piquing their curiosity.

5. Strengthening Groups

  • magic can be a highly effective tool for breaking "ice" in children's support groups. It can also be used to promote positive group norms and cooperation.

6. Behavior management

  • For interested younger children, magic can work well as positive reinforcement. Children can earn magic tricks for good behavior.

7. Diagnostic Aid

  • Magic is a useful and common sense tool for detecting depression in children.