Counseling Kids: It's Magic
Brian Gilroy

Greatly expand your counseling toolbox with delightful magic tricks to use therapeutically with children. This book outlines in detail how counselors can use magic to:

  • Build rapport and trust
  • Teach life skills
  • Promote therapeutic alliances
  • Break the "Ice"
  • Provide reinforcement for good behavior at home and school
  • Serve as a diagnostic aid for depression

Easy-to-learn routines and a formula for creating your own magic scripts are provided to help get you started.

Also included is a user-friendly program that teaches social skills through magic. In six supportive and positive group sessions, children learn to perform magic presentations before an audience. In the process, they develop presentation and assertiveness skills. Strategies include modeling, role-playing, practice/rehearsal, feedback, positive reinforcement and homework. A parent involvement component completes the program.

Many of the magic tricks use metaphors to teach life skills. Because magic is such a strong hook for children, it gets their attention very quickly, creating many of those coveted teachable moments.

Beautifully organized and illustrated, the book takes you step-by step to magical counseling - an hour or two of practice is all you need. Necessary supplies or props are inexpensive and available at most magic stores or from the author (order form included). Grades K-8

125 pages paperback ISBN 0-9670054-0-X


Complete Manual $29.95 each