Brian Gilroy LCSW, CADC
In addition to being terrific and easy to learn magic effects on their own,
the following 4 tricks are specifically recommended for use with the
included in the
Manual of Therapeutic uses of Magic
With Children and Teens

Penny & Dime

The magician places a dime in the spectators hand. He/ she covers the dime part way with

Dice Bomb

This trick is lightning fast and fun to perform. You are seen to be hiding a clear plastic container which has a standard

  a penny and the penny part way with a nickel. The spectator is requested to close his hand a when he opens it again the DIME HAS COMPLETELY VANISHED! The instructions give four great effects.
size die inside.The spectator gets a close up look at the die. With a quick shake of your hand, the die seems to EXPLODE into EIGHT TINY DICE!
With this device you can roll up a dollar bill, tuck it into your fist and...POOF! IT'S GONE!
Crazy Cube

A little plastic box and a standard die are handed to the


spectator to examine. You turn your back and instruct him/her to place the die into the box with any number facing up and remember the number. He/She puts the lid on it and seals it up in another container. YOU IDENTIFY THE NUMBER!
Tricks come with suggested scripts for classroom or group use.

Set of four tricks with manual $79.95

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